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Oxygen Generator LF05A.

Oxygen Generator LF05A


Molecular sieve design First-class air compressor 0.1L visual intelligent control Condensate drain design.Multiple noise cancellation function Thoughtful detail design
12 level intelligent warning
Technical Parameters:
Oxygen concentration: ≥ 90% (V/V) (percent by volume at 5 L/min).
Oxygen discharge pressure: 30-60 kPa (maximum pressure at the oxygen outlet).
Running noise:≤ 60 dB(A)
Net weight: ≈ 16.5 KG
Atomizing pressure: 30~120kPa
Capacity of storage tank:About 2 ml-8 ml.
Degree of protection against liquid inlet: IPX0 unprotected equipment.

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    Lepu Medical

    Oxygen discharge pressure:

    30-60 kPa(Maximum pressure at the oxygen outlet)

    Atomizing rate:

    0.12 ml/min-0.90 ml/min

    Running noise:

    <90% dB(A)



    Oxygen flow:

    1-5 L/min (adjustable)

    Capacity of storage tank:

    About 2 ml-8 ml

    Atomizing pressure:



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