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AIDET Course



27 May 2022


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SFMS Office
Addax Tower, Office 1105. Al Reem Island. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Safety First Medical Services (SFMS) is an Emirati owned private organization in Abu Dhabi, supported by Khalifa Fund and recognized by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DoH) and affiliated with the American Heart Association (AHA), Our team consists of multicultural medical professionals with diverse experience and backgrounds that work collaboratively with other medical professionals internationally. We set high-levels of standards for emergency and non-emergency medical services, medical equipment supplies, training & education for healthcare and non- healthcare professionals in the Middle East. We strive to contribute to society and our economy in the UAE with our rapidly growing portfolio. Our service is our identity and allows us to represent our business in the most reliable way, with our reputation. We are international with partners in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Canada. We uphold the Abu Dhabi EHSMS’ Mandate (International Law), an obligation handed down by the inter-governmental body, the official and authoritative command to the Code of Practice for Contractors. We are the main service providers to several government entities in the UAE and beyond.

AIDET Course, is a famously known system used within the healthcare world for all medical/non medical staff of a facility. Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank YouAcronym representing components of effective communication. This foundational tactic for effective patient communication is used by nurses, physicians, technicians, administrators and all staff involved in patient and family encounters. Health care professionals of all types can take this framework and make it their own. AIDET has helped physicians and staff develop better relationships with patients and given them insight into their health. AIDET improves patients’ perception of care and builds their trust in their health care providers. This framework tool improves patient satisfaction, and assist with efficient operations. 

Patient Satisfaction is a huge role in quality of care, and the efficiency of the coworkers. This framework outlines the importance of  each members role. By the end of this course, the participant will be able to;

  • Explain what AIDET® means and understand the use of Key Words as a tactic to:  Improve Operational and Clinical Outcomes, Reduce Anxiety, Improve Service Results
  • Practice AIDET® in your role play
  • Pass the AIDET® test, training evaluation and get your
    completion certificate. Begin adopting AIDET® in your day-to-day work

This course if a full two day course with the in depth of the following topics:


Stress Management for Healthcare

Customer Service for Healthcare Professionals

Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Communication in Healthcare

Teamwork in Healthcare

Receiving and Giving Feedback

Basics of Medical Documentation


Hourly Schedule

Day 1 Program Overview

Topic: What is AIDET’s role in Healthcare?
Topic: AIDET framework
Topic: Example of AIDET application in a clinical setting
Topic: Example of AIDET application in a Non clinical setting
Topic: Quick Tips and Keywords to communicate
Topic: Hardwiring and Validation of Implementation
Topic: Stress Management
Topic: Customer Service for Healthcare Professionals
Topic: The principles of patient-centered Emotional Intelligence

Day 2 Program

Arrival Recap on Previous Date material
Topic: What is EMR and What is the purpose and who uses it. Basics of Medical Documentation and Formatting
Topic: Conflict management
Identify four types of conflict, describe five basic strategies for managing conflict
Topic: Best Practice, Communication
Topic: Teamwork
Topic: Active listening and giving, receiving feedback

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ADIET Course

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