Independent Appraisal Service & Revalidation Service for GMC Certified Doctors

Safety First Medical Services is the first Independent Medical appraisal service in the UAE and GCC. We provide a service supporting GMC Registered medical professionals in the GCC, Asia, Africa, and around the globe.


Our robust and tailored services make annual appraisals and revalidation a smooth process. Our website provides several options for doctors licensed in the UK and working anywhere in Asia or Africa. Our appraisers are experienced, skilled and willing to work around your busy schedule. We are offering several packages to fit your needs as well as additional concierge services for your convenience. We offer an alignment with a Designated Body in the UK for revalidation as part of your licensing requirements.


Select your package, below, to maintain your GMC License, we are only a click away.

Revalidating and maintaining your license

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Full Appraisal

AED 3,599
  • Virtual Appraisal
  • Designated Body Alignment
  • Pre-Check MAG Form

Rush Appraisal

AED 5,989
  • Virtual Appraisal Done in 7 Days
  • Designated Body Alignment
  • Pre-Check MAG Form

Additional Concierge

  • In Person Appraisal
  • Coaching Services
  • MAG Form Completion
  • Responsible Officer Services
  • Feedback Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2012 GMC has made it mandatory for the licensed doctors to undergo the process of revalidation. For GMC revalidation, annual appraisal for doctors is essential.

Based on annual appraisal reports and supporting information, the GMC revalidates doctors and enables them to maintain their license. Medical appraisal is not only an evaluation of the medical practice of doctors, but it also provides an opportunity for the doctors to determine their professional development goals and evaluate their personal professional development needs.

Appraisals for doctors is a procedure that involves a complete self-review in coordination with the appraiser which is supported by the evidence which is gathered from the complete scope of work by the doctor.

Medical appraisal is not only designed to scrutinize the doctors, but it has definite and far reaching purposes. These include;

• To give an opportunity to doctor to reflect and evaluate his/ her practise and performance in collaboration with their appraiser for demonstrating that they are always keep themselves up-to-date and are fit to practise.
• To enable and assist the doctors in planning and determining their professional developmental goals.
• To identify their needs of learning
• To make sure that the doctors are efficiently working in alignment to their organisational precedence.
Without appraisal process in place it is difficult to evaluate and monitor the doctor’s fitness to practice and monitor their personal objectives of development.

Your designated body is the organisation that is responsible for providing you with your appraisal and helping you with revalidation. Being connected with a designated body means you can be confident not only of support throughout the appraisal and revalidation processes, but also that you are working within an organisation that is committed to monitoring and improving the quality of it services and therefore, ultimately, patient care.

The responsible officer (RO) of the designated body is the person who makes a recommendation about you, usually every five years, to the General Medical Council (GMC) that you are up to date, fit to practise and should be revalidated. The responsible officer makes their recommendation to the GMC based upon your participation in appraisals throughout the five years, and the information that this provides the RO with about how you practise.

The NHS England MAG form is the standard appraisal form which needs to be filled at each appraisal.

Appraisal is an annual process and a doctor who is keen to maintain their license to practice needs to engage in the appraisal process every year.

Yes, we can help you link with a designated body in the UK.

The appraisal can be done as soon as the MAG form is complete and ready to be presented to the appraiser.

Please refer to the packages, above.

Supporting information is required for every appraisal. It covers all four domains of the GMC Good Medical Practice. This includes the following:

  • A copy of the previous appraisals if any
  • CPD/CME certificates
  • Engagement with quality improvement activity. Examples include audit, service development pathways meeting attendance, case reviews etc.
  • Any complaints or compliments
  • Feedback from patient (34) and colleagues (15) once every 5 years
  • Photo Identity (Passport/Driving license etc

If a doctor does not have a designated body the GMC allows for submission of an annual return to the GMC directly. The appraiser will need to fill a form called the REV 12 form which needs to be submitted. In recent times the GMC has made the rules very stringent and most of the evidence for the appraisal needs to come from the UK. The GMC will also ask the doctor to sit a revalidation assessment exam in Manchester in the 5th year of their revalidation cycle.

Our appraiser is a GMC registered doctor working in the UAE.He has been doing appraisals since 2012 and has been trained as an appraiser by NHS England and keeps his competency up to date annually. He has also done a fellowship in appraisal and revalidation from Oxford and has held roles as revalidation advisor to NHS England and to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in the UK.

An appraisal meeting lasts from between 45 mins to an hour.

Appraisal fees needs to be paid on an annual basis.

Link to a designated body can be done within 7-10 days.

There is need to express an intention to work in the UK. The number of days required will need to be negotiated with the designated body. Once the DB link is established further documentation will be required to establish a formal connection with the DB but from an appraisal and revalidation perspective this will go on in the background and the doctor will be able to establish a link to a designated body.

The appraisal is done remotely via videoconferencing.

We can help in completion of the form at additional cost as part of our concierge services.

The GMC license can be activated through the myGMC online portal.

The Responsible Officer recommends to the GMC about the revalidation based on annual appraisals.

There is a charge of 2,999 AED for using the RO services which is payable once every 5 years.