Iv Therapy and Cannulation

About Course

About Course:

This program includes a thorough overview and introduction of IV Therapy for nurses and other 
interested healthcare personnel.
It covers the legal aspects, special patient populations, current standards of practice, review of current 
peripheral venous access devices and the peripheral IV catheter insertion procedure, IV Complication 
and management, maintenance recommendations, and site care.

After completing a course, student will get 7 CME points for Doh.

Course Content:

1. Principles of Venipuncture
2. Common Sites of Venipuncture
3. How to Prepare the Equipment’s and how to use them.
4. Purposes and Uses of Intravenous Therapy
5. Understand the Initiation and administration of IV solutions and their complications.
6. Types of Access Sites
7. Importance of maintaining intake ad output
8. Implication of intake and output measurements
9. Proper insertion of IV line
10. Practice insertion IV line
11. Administration of Blood Products
12. Types of blood components
13. Types of blood donations and compatibility
14. Discussion of infusion pumps and blood warmers
15. Review the precautions and nursing responsibilities.
16. Discussion on the Complications
17. Demonstration how to properly administer blood products.

  • 7 Hours
  • Last Updated
  • Skill Evaluation: Pre-Test and Post Test will be provided
  • Skill Evaluation: Students must perform required skills competently without assistance


  • Address: Addax Office Tower Office 1105 - Al Reem Island - Abu Dhabi - UAE