Basic Infection Control (BIC)

About Course

About Course:

This training will teach you about the protection of all service users, service providers and the wider 
community. It explains the requirements for infection prevention, describing micro-organisms, and 
infection prevention procedures that include hand decontamination and standard precautions.
Additionally, it covers discussions on listing relevant legislation applicable to work in a care setting and 
stating sources of useful additional information.

After completing a course student will get 5 CME points for Doh.

Course Content:

1. Basic of Infection Control
2. Principles of Infection Control
3. Nosocomial Infection
4. Preventing and Controlling of HCAI
5. Mandatory Immunization 

  • 5 Hours
  • Last Updated
  • Skill Evaluation: Pre-Test and Post Test will be provided


  • Address: Addax Office Tower Office 1105 - Al Reem Island - Abu Dhabi - UAE